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Puddle of Mudd singer in Dallas concert meltdown

Puddle of Mudd singer in Dallas concert meltdown

At Puddle of Mudd's Dallas concert April 16, singer Wes Scantlin appeared to be lip syncing.

Fan-filmed video also seems to show Scantlin in a confrontation with an audience member, reportedly who called him Milli Vanilli.

Scantlin eventually left the stage but later returned, throwing bottles and his microphone.

Watch fan-filmed video from the show below (warning: not-safe-for-work language). Fan posts to the band's Facebook page were not flattering of the concert.

Scantlin's recent history has been tumultuous, having been arrested for battering his ex-wife, being involved in a hit-and-run, arrested for vandalizing property, and more.

At :58 of this video, Scantlin puts the microphone into the audience, but his voice can still be heard singing:


Scantlin's mic is cut off:


At 1:12, Scantlin throws the mic, in frustration after being cut off by the soundboard.


Photo credit: Getty Images


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